Talking Headlines Alarm Clock

Wake up to an alarm clock that reads the current news headlines and weather to you with your computer's voice, even turning on the lights or radio in your bedroom. Weather Alert fetaure wakes you up early if your local weather is inclement. Keeps track of

Desktop Traffic Headlines  v.1.0.0050

Highways Agency has developed the Desktop Traffic Headlines application to let you know the traffic information anytime you want.


Foxsports Headlines  v.

If you love the sports this application helps you to know all the latest news of the world sport. MLB Headlines show you the latest news of the hot ball game. NFL headlines show you the news of the american sport. NHL headlines shows you the most

Sport Headlines  v.

The one stop for easy access to sport headlines, news including NBA, NFL, MLB,

The Onion Headlines Widget  v.1.6

The Onion Headlines Widget.

Headlines Today  v.

Stay updated with the latest News on World, Sports, Entertaiment,

ABC World Headlines  v.

Get the latest and greatest from ABC News' World

AbcNEWS Mobile headlines  v.

Stay informed about the latest news, know what is happening in the world, the economy, health, science, politics, and more,

News Ticker Application Bar

This news ticker constantly updates news feeds from the Internet and displayes headlines right on your desktop. News ticker software docks to the top or the bottom of your screen and displays news headlines from Yahoo or MSN in a form of a scrolling line.

The Billion Dollar Headline Generator

Now you can easily and quickly generate eyeball grabbing headlines without a degree in copywriting! If you've wasted countless hours -- sometimes even days -- on brainstorming and writing headlines this IS for YOU. These headlines are from the greatest

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